1. Watched a BJJ competition. Actually enjoyed it more than muay thai fights.

2. Went to Penang for EL Penang issue. Less partying more relaxing.

3. Interviewed Robyn Eckhardt and met David Hagerman. I admire Robyn very much as a food journalist.

4. Interviewed Philippe Durant and met his wife Liz, of Chez Nous. Awesome cheese platter.

5. Baked Blueberry-Raspberry Cobbler, S’mores bar and Oatmeal raisin cookies plus a Caipiroska popsicle. New EL recipe column.

6. Completed and received my certification for Japanese Beginner I at ICLS. Finally.

7. Drove to Singapore and Johor for Ultimate Beatdown. JY won the fight. Met WK’s cousin and aunties.

8. Took up BJJ classes. Hilarious? Feels defeated to start over after yoga, but I want to be good at it.

9. Continued yoga at Aravind. I really prefer Karen’s private sessions, she makes me love practicing it and I look forward to all her classes.

10. Two spa reviews this month. I have turned WK into a spa junkie.

11. Went to Port Dickson for reviews. Glad we went.

Plans for July: 

1. Work out! Build strength.

2. Halt Japanese classes.

4. Read a book lah.


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