1. Started doing strength & conditioning sessions in the gym.

2. Went to Jump Street. Terrified of falling onto the airbag thingy.

3. Received a scaling and whitening session for a dental review.

4.Went to watch teammates fighting it out at MIMMA2.

5. Went for a lymphatic detox massage at Urban Retreat for a review. Still don’t know what it’s supposed to do.

6. Bought my first pre-workout and it’s been magic.

7. Attended a Running Man birthday party. Total fun.

8. Made rum and raisin smoothie, overnight oats, tequila slush, brownie, jello shots, apple parfait, sesame noodles, mini crustless quiche and a failed wholemeal mushroom pizza

Plans for September

(I did eat a bit healthier and spend a little less but I’m speaking from the middle of September here. At least I did begin doing S&C!)

1. Continue efforts to eat healthier.

2. Sleep more.

3. Get a job interview.


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