1. Kept up with strength and conditioning at least once a week with K.

2. Decluttered my wardrobe. Threw lots of stuff, am sure lots more can go.

3. Attended Wilson’s second musical performance.

4. Met K’s entire extended family at a family BBQ gathering.

5. Prepared many healthy menus for K to prepare for his fight. Should have kept a meal log for it. Fighter’s meal 101!

6. K won his MIMMA2 undercard fight! Congratulations fighter.

7. Attended the first KL all-girls open mat session. It was fun, but made me a little insecure about my progress…

8. Made protein bars, cauldron cupcakes and graveyard puddings for EL Kitchen.

9. Finished The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern. Not fantastic, but I actually like it. Should make a beautiful movie.

Plans for October

1. Continue to eat healthier.

2. Earlier bedtime.

3. Think less. Rest the mind.


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