1. It’s dad’s birthday, we went out for spicy ass Szechuan dinner.

2. Giving glucosamine + chondroitin a try, so far I can feel the difference when I miss the dosage for three or more days.

3. Went to Johor for the Johor Jiujitsu Championship. It was fun because we were there with teammates, and K medalled in the gi comp!

4. Visiting black belt Prof Marco is here for a month, so we have daily classes to make the most out of it.

5. I am now 24 and a credit card holder. Yes I gave in. Been holding off the evil for a while, but god is it convenient or what.

6. Went to MIMMA2 to support a teammate, who eventually won the championship belt – is that even what they call it?

7. Best of Malaysia 2014! Did not have to live tweet for the first time. Also had my first shot in months.

8. I am really, really, really bad in takedowns.


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