1. Attended the opening of Epsom College with snooty staff and parents

2. Attended the Grading Ceremony at Leverage. I am a BJJ one stripe white belt!

3. Had my first sales pitch meeting. Still awaiting results

4. Went to Langkawi with K and his family

5. Attended Mongoose annual Christmas party at Traders

6. Spent Christmas Eve at Lanson Place with foccacia and flat bread with hummus, lamb cutlets and garlic mash, limoncello tiramisu and a cheese platter on the menu

7. Held a joint BBQ Party with K. We made caprese pasta, vege skewers, chicken wings and an amazing BBQ sauce

8. It was K’s birthday, and he drew a new gi for his birthday lucky draw (mine was a rash guard)

9. Spent New Year’s Eve at K’s family’s

10. Ah Ma passed away at 11.45am, 31 December

11. Made apple cinnamon vodka infusion, lemon vodka infusion (limoncello) and chocolate peanut butter cake for K’s birthday


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